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As an outgrowth of its community development work, AREA has often been asked to assess the economic impacts of transportation facilities, evaluate the joint public-private development potential of transit improvements, and analyze demographic trends relevant to transit planning.

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  • AREA was retained by the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority to assist the agency with transit-oriented-development (TOD) planning around proposed stations and facilities.

  • AREA studied the neighborhood around the Chicago Transit Authority's Morse Avenue "L" station to weigh the potential for developing higher-density residential uses while maintaining a pedestrian-friendly environment along the street.

  • A joint venture formed by AREA and Dr. Daniel R. Mandelker assisted the Federal Highway Administration in analyzing land market and real estate development trends that will affect planned transportation corridors across the country.

  • In the District of Columbia, AREA assisted the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) with evaluation of joint development potential for several parcels of land surrounding the "U" Street metro station, which was then under construction. AREA determined the market for alternative uses as well as estimating their likely financial return to WMATA.

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