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AREA provides a broad range of valuation services for all types of investment real estate. Our experience includes the appraisal of leased fee and fee simple interests in a variety of large, complex, and special-use properties, as well as leaseholds, historic easements, open space easements, and other partial interests.

AREA's valuation services are backed by two decades of experience in market research, development planning, and portfolio analysis. They reflect the same commitment to thorough research, sound analysis, and clear and concise writing that have earned AREA an outstanding reputation for quality in other areas of real estate consulting.

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  • AREA prepares valuation reports for the City of Chicago on an ongoing basis to assist with negotiations on prospective acquisitions and dispositions. One assignment involved property in the Midway TIF District, where development of a new industrial park or conference center was under consideration.

  • AREA frequently appraises large Class A office buildings in major office markets. Examples are a 322,883-square-foot building located in west-suburban Minneapolis, a 400,000-square-foot building in downtown Cincinnati, and a 150,000-square-foot building in northwest suburban Detroit.

  • Properties abutting the Chicago Transit Authority's Blue Line were needed to accommodate renovation of 19th Century era elevated stations. AREA's valuations assisted legal counsel in acquisition negotiations with the affected property owners.

  • AREA prepared Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) form appraisal reports for use in negotiations with affected property owners, to enable the widening of the Chicago Skyway Tollway (Interstate Route 90).

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