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AREA's Unique and Effective Rent Reasonableness Model, AREA Rents™
Now in Use by Public Housing Authorities across the US

Applied Real Estate Analysis conducts accurate and statistically reliable city-wide rent reasonableness surveys and analyses for public housing authorities of all sizes. Current rent reasonableness clients include the Housing Authorities of Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

In today's changing public housing environment, AREA's rental housing survey methodology, database, and rent calculation model are highly useful to housing authorities in determining appropriate lease rates for voucher units. AREA's model removes the guesswork in pricing units by using extensive data collection and statistically reliable analysis of local housing markets.

Though similar in concept, the models designed by AREA are wholly unique to each of the housing authority areas, reflecting their wide variation in housing types, neighborhoods, and real estate investment. AREA ensures that sufficient numbers of comparable units are used to accurately analyze each market.

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