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Land Management, Real Estate Portfolio Evaluation

AREA staff members counsel corporations and public agencies that have large land holdings and facilities and seek to maximize the value of their assets.

We evaluate the appropriate time frame for development, the potential financial return from various land use options, and the property owner's appropriate role in subsequent development activities, such as land sale, long-term leasing, and joint development.

Opportunities for maximizing asset value are identified in the context of broader corporate or public agency objectives, including balance sheet and cash flow concerns.

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  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) retained AREA to determine whether New Mexico's Cerro Grande fire in May 2000 had diminished the value of residential property in Los Alamos.

  • AREA helped Chicago's Department of Aviation assess the potential for developing publicly owned land at O'Hare International Airport. Working with Jones Lang LaSalle, we identified appropriate development parcels, timing, and absorption for air cargo and related industrial development.

  • The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) engaged AREA to examine development policies followed by transit authorities across the country and to suggest ways that Sound Transit could maximize benefits from its real estate portfolio.

  • The Port Authority of Kansas City recently retained AREA to assess whether Kansas City's former Richards-Gebaur airport site can reasonably accommodate an intermodal facility.

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