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Fiscal and Economic Impact Studies

  • For the Philadelphia Housing Authority, AREA developed a rental housing database and an associated hedonic pricing model that determines rents for units using Housing Choice certificates and vouchers.

  • To help the City of Chicago revise its outdated zoning ordinance, AREA assessed issues and policy options affecting housing, the central business district, commercial/retail/industrial development, transportation, and open space.

  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) retained AREA to determine whether New Mexico's Cerro Grande fire in May 2000 had diminished the value of residential property in Los Alamos.

  • AREA contributed the economic component of the environmental impact assessment prepared by Envirodyne Engineers, Inc., for the recently opened federal office building (GSA) in downtown Chicago.

  • AREA assessed the economic impacts of a light-rail transit system proposed for Chicago's central business district—specifically on office, retail, hotel, and residential development.

  • AREA provided the market analysis and impact study for Gurnee Mills, a super-regional outlet mall built by Western Development in Lake County, Illinois.

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