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Office Market and Other Commercial Assignments

  • As part of a team assessing retail uses at O'Hare International Airport, AREA created, administered, and analyzed surveys designed to reveal how the airport's retail facilities are being used and what goods and services are lacking.

  • Working with Cushman Realty, AREA evaluated the options for relocation of a corporate headquarters—from downtown Chicago to either the suburbs of Chicago or a location in the Houston metropolitan area.

  • AREA assessed market and financing options for a proposed mixed-use retail and office development in downtown Milwaukee.

  • AREA prepared a highest-and-best-use analysis for disposition of a large parcel in the O'Hare area that was improved with the corporate headquarters offices of an international corporation.

  • Other selected office & commercial analyses

Retail Projects

  • Key commercial districts in Chicago's Hyde Park-Kenwood community were assessed as possible locations for a new 200,000-square-foot retail development.

  • AREA examined the potential for new retail development in the Woodlawn Community Area, a south Chicago neighborhood.

  • The potential for attracting a national dining establishment to a major intersection on Chicago's south side was analyzed for the City of Chicago.

  • AREA assisted the City of Omaha in evaluating the market and financial feasibility of a proposed community-owned commercial development in North Omaha at 30th Street and Ames Avenue.

  • Other selected retail analyses
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